Chiesa di San Raffaele Arcangelo

Called “dell’Angelo Raffaele”, or as the Venetians say ”dell’Anzolo Rafael. According to popular tradition, the church of the Archangel Raphael, “vulgo l’Anzolo”, was built in 416 by Adriana, the mother of Genusio Ruteno lord of Padua, to fulfil a vow made to Heaven to aid the return of her husband from a continent devastated by barbarian invasions. Destroyed by fire in 899, 1105 and, as some would have it, in 1149, it was rebuilt and consecrated in 1193. Since then it remained unscathed for another four centuries until, threatening to fall down, it was renovated from the foundations up to a design by Francesco Contin in 1618, the work being completed in 1640. In 1735, it had to be redecorated and was consecrated in 1740.

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