Along the Canals in a Gondola with dinner at Antico Pignolo

18 February 2012



la gondola


Meeting point at San Marco – Calle Vallaresso h 7.00 pm (just in front the Harris Bar)

An enchanting 30′ gondola tour in costume ending with a dinner in one of the best Venetian restaurant: the “Antico Pignolo” . A classical way to celebrate Carnival, spending an evening with friends and meeting new ones, in the lively atmosphere created by our artists.

A funny afternoon with hot chocolate cakes and sweets in the magnificent lounge of the Hotel Daniel. Our Master of Dance will teach to the guests the basic steps of ”Cotillion”, involving all into the mysteries of this graceful and ceremonious period dance. The guests will also enjoy other lively and spirited dances like minuets, quadrilles, cotillons.

Dress Code: historical costume. 
During the Carnival time you can find the Atelier Tiepolo with the most refine costumes and an impeccable service of tailoring and make-up,  in the Hotel Danieli.

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