White Venice 2013 – Masquerade New Year’s Eve

31 December 2012 22:30to1 January 2013 02:30

Venezia, Piazza San Marco, Monday 31st December 2012, from 10.30pm
Mestre, Piazza Ferretto, Monday 31st December 2012 from 10.30pm and Tuesday 1st January 2013 from 11.00am

Winter wears a mask, and Carnival is dressed up in white: in the occasion of the magic night that welcomes the year 2013, traditions reverse their roles. The high spirit of the carnival (a “winter carnival“, according to the calendar) spread to the New Year’s Eve and force everyone to get masked.
The Winter Festival of the New Year’s Eve become “All White“, like the big dance music parties all over the world, like the parties in Bahia beach where the new year is welcomed with flower tributes to the sea and to Yemanjà goddess.

A mantle of white light falls down on the stage in Piazza San Marco and covers the structure with ice and crystal pendants. In the center of the stage there is a big white mask, as if it was carved in the snow. Above the mask there is the foliage of a frozen tree, covered with lights and glittering brillants. The mask lives thanks to the glares and light beams coming out of the eyes, thanks to the spirals of white smoke wrapping up the artists on the stage, all dressed up in white.

Winter makes everything white and magic, and we invite the public to play along with us: no black evening dresses, but only white dresses, glitters and shining sequins, to adorn the party and give a brand new “white” style to the New Year’s Eve.


In Venice, Piazza San Marco, the first part of the show is devoted to live music, with the Venice White Band performing the international repertoire of the most famous pop songs, supported by the singer Chiara Luppi and by a couple of dancers and performers dressed up and painted in white, that will involve the public with surprises and entertainment. The presenter is the fascinating and mysterious Mister White: he will host the audience to the midnight countdown and to the big firework display in the Basin of San Marco.
After midnight the stage will host the choreography by “Dancing Sphere“: a dancer entrapped in a transparent sphere that looks like crystal and that rotates to the heart of the scene to perform her spectacular ballet.
And, finally, the dj-set by Dj Maci will accompany the public until late night.

The programme of Piazza San Marco

  • 10.30pm Beginning of the show, with the live music of the Venice White Band, the singer Chiara Luppi and the entertainment by Mr. White
  • From 11.00pm Free toast with Bellini Canella
  • 00.00am Countdown to welcome the new year
  • 00.15am Fireworks in the Basin of San Marco
  • 00.30am dj-set by Dj Maci