Venice Carnival 2011

At now we haven’t received yet the full calendar of events. The theme will be based on the rievocation of 1800 century.

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Dates are: 19th – 20th Feb. 2011 / 26th Feb. – 8 Mar. 2011.

“OTTOCENTO – da Senso a Sissi, la città delle donne”: here is the Carnival 2011 by Davide Rampello

The broad outline of next Carnival of Venice, tribute to Unification of Italy and to women, has been presented today at the Casino of Venice after being introduced to the mayor of Venice George Orsoni. The 2011 edition will be extended with one extra weekend, and the conclusion of the event will be a silent regatta of row boats along the Canal Grande, that will be illuminated only with candles, symbolic and suggestive symbol of rejoining with the city. Besides, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, seat of the Casino of Venice, opens as one of the institutional locations of the Carnival.

The suggestions have mainly been two, given by the particularities of the calendar 2011: the celebrations for the 150 years since the Unification of Italy and the coincidence of Mardi Gras with March 8th, the Women’s Day. The references in the title are to the cinema masterpiece of 1954 “Senso” by Luchino Visconti, and to the Princess Sissi, icon of fashion and elegance in the XIX century.

The program of next year will develop from Saturday 26th February to Mardi Gras (8th March), with a prologue in the preceding weekend, 19th-20th February, novelty of 2011 edition thanks to the dates of the Carnival, apart from the Christmas festivities. It has been confirmed that there won’t be a general contractor, since the production of the event will be managed from Venezia Marketing & Eventi.

VM&E considered it necessary to submit the artistic direction to an important name in the international panorama: Davide Rampello has been selected for the 2011 edition, being “adopted” by Venice and thanks to his long-term experience in communication and creation of events. His ideas have immediately struck the board of directors of VM&E, that entrusted him with the task.

And it’s been confirmed the wish to give a strong cultural connotation to the event, to enhance the theme of the 19th Century, and to develop its Venetian dimension, opening and closing the event with a boat parade: the first weekend (19th-20th February) will be devoted to the traditional “Festa Veneziana” in partnership with AEPE and the Venetian rowing associations, and the Carnival will be closed on 8th Marchwith a silent water parade of row boats along the Canal Grande, that will be illuminated only with candles, in a suggestive rejoining of the city with itself.

Great attention will be given to the details of the theme, trying to involve citizens and guests, even giving suggestions for the realization of costumes. The success of the event will be measured by the involvement of Venetian citizens, according to how they will feel to be part of the event: this is the reason for the wish for a big involvement of all Venetian institutions.


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